Options for Entertainment are more wide and varied than ever in the history of man. In most homes there is no reason EVER to feel bored or un-entertained! But what is the price of this entertainment? In other words, how much are you paying for your laughs? Or, more importantly, how much are you willing to pay? This is the question the entertainment industry asks (perhaps with a wink) when they set prices for your cable and satellite TV packages.
The Below is a Low-Bandwidth (and small screen) Sample

The cost of entertainment has skyrocketed recently. Cable bills are bigger, satellite TV is costlier; not to mention satellite TV is often knocked out by bad weather leaving you with nothing to watch. As you know, subscription TV has always worked the same way, the more channels you order the higher your bill. Do you agree that if you want to save money, you can not continuing doing what you have always done? One thing is crystal clear to me, most hardworking people are paying through the nose just to have a few extra channels. Even worse, today you are forced to agree to extra, bundled services just to get a normal, low subscription rate. Cable and satellite pricing has become truly outrageous as providers squeeze you for every last dollar!

Cable TV prices alone have more than tripled in the last 10 years. I'm sure it's no surprise to you that these prices are only set to increase as the corporate world does everything possible to ride the wave of the current recession and still come out afloat. So let's take a look: the corporate world is taken care of, now what about you? Most families I talk with say they need more laughter and entertainment in their homes during these tough times! Millions are suffering pay cuts, reduced working hours, and minimal promotion. Tell me again, how much of your limited funds can you afford to hand over for expensive, entertainment packets?

What if I offered you TVDevo.com with unlimited access to 2,500+ TV channels, and Worldwide Radio
For a nominal, one-time fee?


TVDevo is an easy, light software program that literally turns your PC or Mac into a TV! Access more than 2,500 TV channels and movies instantly, the minute you begin using this gem. TVDevo gives you instant access to the world's most popular movies and TV programs at fraction of the price of subscription TV. TVDevo.com is quick and simple to operate and is controlled by an easy-to-use dashboard on your computer. Save heaps of money as TVDevo reliably replaces your cable, satellite or other TV entertainment subscription. No more huge prices for TV, simply TVDevo!

If you love movies you'll love TVDevo!





TVDevo exceeds subscription TV by bringing you programming for your country and beyond. TVDevo brings you the world! Watch programming from anywhere in the world. Also take TVDevo with you anywhere in the world via your laptop! All that's needed is your computer and Internet access.

TVDevo opens up a WORLD of ENTERTAINMENT At prices you simply won't believe!


Shows are simply streamed directly to your computer. You can then project and watch them on your flat screen or PC / Mac screen. Enjoy the flexibility and freedom of On-Demand TV; watching any TV program or movie at whatever time you want to watch it with no extra fees! Or switch on for live, scheduled TV programming.


This is a terrific service! Since I travel often, I can watch so much more TV now, and did not have to spend $300+ on a TV and monthly cable subscription. I especially love the thrill of accessing news and sports channels from other countries. THANK YOU!"

Janet Grey
Tuscon, Arizona

img1"Thanks Guys! This is great! I've already discovered my favorite thing to with this, go to Starbucks with my laptop and watch tv shows with my earphones on! There's so much to watch"
Tom Ganges
New York, New York & Sydney, Australia


So, where's the ball and chain? There is NONE!

TVDevo is as easy as 1-2-3! Unlike other similar products, there is no ball and chain; absolutely no hardware is required. No big box! No little box! It's completely hassle-free! Compare this to other products and notice they all require clunky hardware boxes to receive their signal. TVDevo simply streams via the Internet.


Why Switch to TV on my PC?

  • 2,500 plus TV channels and movies!
  • Worldwide Radio Station Streams!
  • Turn your PC or Mac into a TV and Radio!
  • Extremely low, one-time price!
  • Take TVDevo anywhere you go!
  • No subscription or renewal fees!
  • Access to radio stations worldwide!
  • Gain Immediate access to the service!
  • Set up in 4 easy steps!
  • Uses minimal amount of memory!
  • Enjoy programming in your 1st language, whatever language that is!
  • Eliminate large cable and satellite subscriptions

  • winmac
    Runs on Windows (2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7) & Mac (10.4 or later)

TVDEVO program screenshots:


TVDevo Features Include:
  • Easy, light application to install
  • Up and running in 4 simple steps
  • Clear Dashboard for easy operation
  • Enjoy radio programs from stations Worldwide
  • Access to 2,500+ US and worldwide programming
  • Broadcasts in 30+ languages
  • Web-based service you can take anywhere you go!
  • Eradicate your large cable/satellite subscriptions
  • Works with both PC and Mac!

  • winmac
    Runs on Windows (2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7) & Mac (10.4 or later)


Unlimited Access
To more than 2,500 popular TV channels, Movies and Worldwide Radio Stations!


The TOTAL COST of TVDevo is
Less than 1 month of your cable bill!

Get TVDevo Today!

Was: $54.95

($29.99! Price Valid only )

And never any fees after that!!!

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Yes! These prices are too good to be true, and yet they are true!!
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TVDevo absolutely changes EVERYTHING! We are so confident this forward-thinking technology will provide you endless entertainment with unheard of savings, we are willing to take on all of the risk.

TVDevo is yours for 2 months absolutely risk-free!

Yes! I am saying, go ahead and try TVDevo for yourself in the relaxation of your home! Now, if TVDevo is not everything we say it is, I will be happy to give you your money back, no questions asked within 60 days.
That's right, I'm giving you a 60-day, money-back guarantee, absolutely no questions asked!
Give TVDevo a try and see for yourself!



img3"I was hesistant to try this, but with a 60 Day guarantee, I decided to get TVDevo, and am very glad I did! This offers more and runs on software that installed on my PC in less than 2 minutes. This is as easy as it can get."
Jim Brooks
Dayton, Ohio


Who can argue that today's price for TVDevo is absolutely unbeatable? We are giving you 2,500 channels that you can watch on your PC or Mac at any time! The reality is, we can't hold this price for very long. Order your copy of TVDevo today to ensure you get in on this limited-time offer. Available for just a short time at this introductory price, TVDevo will begin selling for its true value of $79. To avoid disappointment, get this deal now. Imagine, buy TVDevo today and you will never have to pay another TV subscription fee again!

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Cut the cord of cable TV, satellite and expensive entertainment subscriptions. And put those dollars back in your pocket!

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Let's look ahead, continue to pay large TV subscription fees and struggle with less disposable income than you deserve or switch to TVDevo today. That means access to over 2,500 of the most popular movies and worldwide TV and Radio channels for one, low price and never any monthly or annual fees after that!!

Yes! I want more cash in my pocket!
Save me money with TVDevo!

Remember, TVDevo gives you everything you get from a TV, plus movie entertainment and more!! Our prices are so close to FREE, how can you say no!

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**$29.99! is a special discount for . The price WILL be going up shortly!
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